IMG 1286Elite Junior

At 14 years old, Liam started his golfing journey at age 9. 

I started coaching Liam in September 2020. Living in Victoria, Liam is a great example of how the Skillest platform can be utilised to faciliate elite coaching despite living 2000kms away. 

Over the first 10 months of our journey, we have focused on establishing Liam's swing fundamentals whilst developing clubhead speed. We are now turning our attention to developing the short-game aspects of his game. 

Although the work to date has been challenging, Liam has managed to reduce his handicap to 2, with a goal of reducing it even further in the coming months. 


Message from Liam

One of the best parts of working with Dom is that we don't just focus on my technique, we also spend lots of time on all aspects of becoming a better golfer - even those off the course. I love the fact the Dom takes a long-term view to my development and not just what I am able to to score and achieve at the time.