skillestSince COVID-19, online coaching has fast become one the of the best ways to access golf coaching, proving to be an excellent way to analyse and improve golf swings, no matter where you are in the world. Have a look at my Skillest page, where I now coach over 20 players around the world.

Online golf coaching has become an area that I'm incredibly passionate about. It suits my structure, as I can always respond and help students within 24 hours, regardless of whether I'm on tour with Lucas, or home coaching my Performance Program.

My Skillest lesson options include:

  • Single Golf Lesson - USD$50
  • Two Golf Lesson package - USD$75
  • Monthly plan, with in itial Zoom meeting - USD$200
  • Monthly plan, with fortnightly Zoom meetings - USD$300
  • Monthly plan, with weekly Zoom meeting - USD$500

The monthly subscription allows online students to send footage 24/7 and have continual monitoring of the changes and improvements being made. I encourage regular communication and discussion on a player’s goals and progress.

I see the importance of openness in sharing concepts and beliefs in what and why things happen in the golf swing. For this reason, I have set my monthly subscription fee very low compared to my one-off lesson fee, as I want to build a relationship with my online students and see their progress over time. Seeing this progress from my online students is fundamentally why I teach, what drives me to continually improve my knowledge, and how I can stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and changes in the game.