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Ellianna began playing golf at age 4 and is now 10. I started coaching Ellianna in 2019, and at that stage she hadn’t played 18 consecutive holes and didn’t have a handicap. She is now playing 18 holes weekly and plays off a handicap of 8.

Over the last 12 months we have been working on her full swing, with emphasis on compressing the ball and educating her on what’s involved in hitting consistently. The focus has also been on creating club head speed, which I think is paramount when working with juniors.

Ellianna recently won the Australian Open in her age group by 14 shots.


Message from Ellianna

I love going to see Dom for golf coaching as he sets me challenges, and makes golf really fun. He makes it easy for me to learn new skills as he explains things in a really easy to understand way. Since I have been seeing Dom my handicap has come down a lot and I have won quite a few trophies.