I was raised by professional parents (lawyer and school teacher) and it was expected of me to work hard at school, achieve good marks then attend university. I was expected to graduate with a degree, obtain employment within this field and work 9-5 as my parents had.

But, at the age of 6 I found golf and it quickly became my passion.

From a young age, I loved being able to work out what made the ball fly the way it did. (An open face made the ball fade, closed made it draw etc). I worked on my game from age 6-18 with very little help because I loved trying to work out for myself why things happened.

When I finished school I did go to university, because as much as I wanted a career in golf, it was never talked about. However after one year of university, it became very obvious that my love and passion was working in the golf industry so I started an Australian PGA Traineeship.

Early in my traineeship I knew I had found my place. Coaching others was invigorating, it was what I had enjoyed so much in my own development but this time it was even better than teaching myself as I was helping others.

At the end of my traineeship I was the leading 3rd year player at the Australian Trainee Championships and gained an Australasian Tour Card. I played competitively for 12 months however gave that away due to back issues and, probably more so, because my passion was for teaching.

The 12 months playing gave me a great understanding of the challenges and what is involved in playing on tour. Experience that is vital for coaching elite players.

I was the Club Professional at a range of clubs over the years and enjoyed the coaching, club fitting and sales, however over time the role of a Club Professional became more of an administrative one and I was being taken away from what l loved and what l was best at, coaching.

In 2014 I left this type of role and after a couple of years only coaching Lucas Herbert I wanted to help more than just one player.

In 2019 I started working with an incredibly talented 8 year old (Ellianna Macrae) and have now taken on a number of other players that are driven to become the best players they can be.

I have also recently become a huge advocate of online coaching with the Skillest app and now find time to coach golfers all around the world through this platform.


  • Australian PGA Professional 1996- Present
  • Head Professional Eaglehawk Golf Club 1997-2000
  • Australasian Tour Card 1996/97
  • Head Professional Gary Player Golf Academy Singapore 2000-2002
  • Head Professional Woodlands Golf Club 2002-2008
  • Head Professional Ballarat Golf Club 2008-2014
  • Coach of Lucas Herbert 2009-current
  • Performance Coaching Program delivered at Peregian Golf Club 2020-Present
  • SuperSpeed Level 1,2, & 3
  • Australian PGA Advanced Certified in Coaching
  • Level 1&2 Certified Capto Putting Certification
  • Level 1&2 Trackman Accredited